Friday, February 03, 2012

Until we meet again

Throughout this journey, I've been BLESSED with the opportunity to meet, encourage, support, pray, and show love to others who've come upon difficult times. Because of what I've experienced, I've gained a unique perspective into recovery. Even though our stories have been vastly different, some things remain the same: we all need love, support, encouragement & prayers to get through this trial we are going through; the human spirit is strong & resilient; with God we can do all things (Philippians 4:13) - *side note to that - sometimes it's just tweaking what we thought we were capable of or what the possible outcome might be; KEEP PUSHING - you just might be surprised where you'll end up; talk & share about your experience - the people surrounding you, probably can't relate, but they want to 'be there' for you - you just have to let them; don't play victim - BE STRONG!

I hope & pray that God continues to use my journey as a tool for supporting others. I would be honored to share what I've learned with others, no matter what the situation.

Mr. Glenn Norris - Taken at his youngest daughter's wedding in 2009.

How do you say goodbye? I've yet to figure this out, so I'm no help... sorry!
This posting is in honor of a friend's Dad that just went to be with our Lord. A little over 6 months ago, I heard Mr. Glenn was having Neurological difficulties. I asked who his providers were & gave references where I could. I cheered when he went to Seattle & had neck surgery, hoping that a slipped disc was to blame, quietly putting the possible ALS diagnosis out of my mind. I rejoiced with his family as he did physical therapy following his surgery and took his first steps in a few weeks. Instantly, I was morphed back to my own experience with those 'first steps' (mine are just shy of two years out - Praise the Lord! I anxiously waited his return to the state, hoping that all we'd hear was continued good news, but that didn't seem to happen. Quite rapidly it all began to unravel for Mr. Glenn. A hospital bed was being delivered,permanent bi-pap assistance was needed, 24 hour care was necessary. It was this time, the beginning of December, that I got to go see Mr. Glenn & bring him & Miss Toni dinner, in fact it was Mr. Glenn's birthday (December 7th). I was able to stand by his bed, holding his hand, talking for a few hours. It was both hard & humbling. It was incredible! We laughed, cried, reminisced & rejoiced about God's goodness. During that visit, I remember Mr. Glenn saying that God was gonna give him full healing, and I was touched by that. It's not as if I didn't think God was capable of that and it wasn't whether or not I believed Mr. Glenn deserved it, I was just touched by the confidence & how awesome that was to see in his current state. I don't know if he meant for that total healing to happen here on earth or if he knew God would call him home, but I do know with CONFIDENCE, he has his total healing now. He is with our Lord, renewed & restored. Although it's been difficult to watch him endure the last few weeks, I find comfort in the fact he is now at peace. I didn't think watching what he's endured these last few weeks would be so hard, but it was. Instantly, after hearing an update, I would be back in my recollections of my own experience. As he struggled, I was reminded of the sights, sounds, experiences I had and instantly my heart ached for him. I wanted to take it all away, but I couldn't. Those that surrounded him 24/7 were so inventive in coming up with methods to enable him. I am in AWE of his wife, Miss Toni. What a strong, strong woman. Please pray for Toni & the entire family as they do their best to come to grips with this new reality. Thank you Lord for people like Mr. Glenn! You made such a tender & loving man in him. The bear hugs he gave were the best. Always so kind & generous. I know his passing will leave a giant loss for this incredible family, but I know you'll walk beside them, guiding their steps & supporting their every move.

Mr. Glenn - THANK YOU for being such a model of grace. You dealt with this crisis with grace, love, peace, strength, and dignity. You were a REMARKABLE man! Thank you for the touch you had in my life. Sending Big Bear Hugs heaven bound, I look forward to the day I can have one again.


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