Friday, February 17, 2012


Throughout this journey, I've celebrated little and big changes, just as I was told to do by my physical therapist. Almost two years later, I'm still noticing changes. Some of these changes are only noticeable to me and maybe the well trained eye of a Therapist, while others are more visible to all. One thing that's been interesting to pay awareness to is 'typical' neurological responses like sneezing, hiccuping, whistling, yawning. I lost them all as a result of my surgery, but I remember the times I regained them. I remember constant hiccups that plagued me while I was in ICU. Nothing I tried helped. Slowly they tapered off, but the most uncomfortable they made me was their appearance after I had my feeding tube placed. Talk about pain, it was off the charts. My sneeze returned when I was in Rehab talking with my Dad. When it happened, we were both startled in delight. I finally was able to whistle a few months ago. It's still weak & short, but it shows me I'm still healing. The final response, the yawn, returned this week. I remember thinking every so often for the past years, I'm so tired, but I never yawn. The other night as I laid there waiting to fall asleep, I remember stretching my mouth open wide and thinking, WOW, this is finally happening, I'm finally yawning.

I love those gentle reminders from God. I don't know if it's unrealistic, my stubborn nature, or embracing reality & the future, but I'm not willing to embrace finality & what it has to offer. I'm confident God is still changing me. Praise be to Him!

Thanks for the continued love, support, encouragement, support & prayers, it has meant so much to me.


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