Friday, July 13, 2012

Recovery vs. Potty Training

My Brain Tumor Recovery (in Hospital) & Potty Training:  Similar Tactics Required?

 Things I learned...  

You find your life filled with a bunch of poopy moments. 

You see & hear things you never intended. 

 You spend hours reading about it or during it. 

 You have to come up with creative rewards for milestones & accomplishments. 

 If you are lucky, you get to flash your 'tushie' to everyone  & someone else gets to wipe for you (embarrassing moment for me for sure ;0( - not so embarrassing for Kadin, much more liberating). 

Cheer leading support is a requirement. 

 When you gotta go, everything stops. 

 It's a process, sometimes one step forward means there will be two steps back. 

 Big Girl Panties (big boy undies) show you've moved onto the next stage - thanks LeeAnne for that very 'theraputic' term. 

 Clothing (bed covers) are optional  - (hot flashes stink!!!). 

 Towels to mop up the dribble are a must - (me/drool). 

 You have a whole new list of words to use. 

 Freestanding toilet - need I say more? 

 You learn what gets things going & what you can use to stop them. 

 Patience is a must. 

 Sure, I can laugh about most of these now, but I didn't realize at the time that my journey was in preparation for what was coming including potty training.  My experience with child #2 has been very different than training child #1.    I'm so thankful I've moved past those 'learning & growing' experiences.  Now for Kadin  to do so too. Here's wishing & hoping to dry days & nights in the near future. 


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