Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Brain Treats

Yesterday, I visited my Neurosurgeon Dr. Kralick. I can hardly believe it's almost been 2 1/2 years since my surgery.  I brought in another brain treat for the office and a brain present for him.  It's fun to try and come up with a wild way to make the treats I bring in resemble brains. I've had some fun!  I've already come up with the treat I'm going to make for my next visit,  which is set for February 2013. At that time, I will also be celebrating my third year tumor free and get my latest MRI results for the test that I'll endure in January.   God is so good!

I was able to finally ask Dr. Kralick for his recollection of what I was like before/after surgery and what he thought the outcome I'd have knowing the immediate deficits.  It was interesting to hear what he had to say & to learn more about the actual location of the tumor.  He definitely tied up some loose ends for me.  What a journey this has been!  I'm so THANKFUL for Dr. Kralick.

Framed Brain Art for Dr. Kralick - Artwork by UrbanfootprintDesign on Etsy
Pictured above is my copy of the Brain Typography that I jazzed up a bit before I framed it. Dr. Kralick's copy is just plain, simple and classic.

Brain Cupcakes -
Grey Cupcake representing the color of Brain Tumor Awareness
Blackberry Jam for blood
Walnut for Cross-Sectional view of Brain 

Treats for the office :0)

I think this was taken by Dr. Kralick, but I got it via text from an unknown number after my appointment.


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