Thursday, August 16, 2012

Run Jessica Run

Well I did it! I set a goal for myself this summer to go for a run.  I wanted to see if I could and what it would be like. I told my husband of this goal at the beginning of the summer & I finally got to it.  I was scared, afraid, intimidated, embarrassed at it and I let those emotions hold me back.  Well this past Saturday, I had no more excuses.  We all went to a close high school that had a less public track.  After I managed down to the track and after a few yards of walking, I began to jog.  The boys ran after me checking that I was alright.  Darren attempted to get them to hang back but every time I'd stop for a break, they'd run up to me to make sure I was fine.  It felt so liberating!  Sure it felt disjointed, awkward & just plain wrong, but it's the beginning.  I didn't fall or stumble and I jogged at a reasonable pace.  My husband was amazed & made the comment he had to pick his mouth off the floor because he never expected that.  I'm again reminded that God is so good and I'm still healing.  Here's to new goals & continued recovery.  I plan for more ;0)


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  1. Awesome, Awesome, AWESOME! Praise the Lord! Love you. By the way, I still think you're amazing!!!