Saturday, May 19, 2012

Finishing up

This week was the final week of Zachary's first year of preschool and it will certainly be missed.  What fantastic teachers he had and what a wonderful program that he was able to explore and learn in.  A few weeks ago, I paid tribute to all his teachers with a fun craft that allowed me to nourish my creative spirit.  Because I like themes, I selected the Fishers of Men scripture in Matthew that I felt was so fitting, and assembled a "Thank You" bag filled with goodies that fell along with that.

Matthew 4:19

New International Version 1984 (NIV1984)

19 “Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men.”

I am so excited that Zachary gets to go to this school for another year of Preschool.  What a blessing!

Inside the bag was a bag of goldfish crackers, a fish cookie cutter, handmade fish soap, gummiworms, homemade bookmark with Matthew 4:19, and then tied to it was a fish notepad.  Yes, all fish themed, but I took it a step further with a handout that further explained each items significance.  It said:

Here's FISHIN' you a GREAT Summer!

Just a little THANK YOU for the impact you've made in our lives

In Matthew 4:19, we are called to be “Fishers of Men.” In your case these men are little children, but the importance is no less greater. So THANK YOU for what you've taught Zachary this year.
Here's a little explanation of how it all fits together...

Fish Soap -your clean teachings help propel these children forward toward success

Goldfish Crackers – in teaching, you've provided nourishment for their growing bodies, minds & souls

Gummiworms -you've used creative 'bait' (crafts, games & fun) to keep them engaged & learning

“Fishers of Men” Scripture Bookmark - a reminder of what's guiding you

Fish Cookie Cutter - you've helped to mold them into the big people they'll become

Fish Notepad - you've recorded all the achievements they've made throughout the year

May you be inspired to be creative in the way you thank others!


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  1. SO cute! I especially love how Zach helped. :)