Monday, January 16, 2012


This past week our house has been filled with sickies. Zach had his first real cold, I spent the early morning hours in the ER because I woke up at midnight Thursday with uncontrollable shakes, chills, and I couldn't catch my breath. Last time I had symptoms like this my internist sent me directly to the ER for treatment, so I knew what I was in for & wanted to nip it in the bud. I was right! Luckily, I had the same wonderful doctor as last April when this happened. He remembered me and we chit chatted before he checked me out. I was given an IV of fluids, a nebulizer treatment, chest x- ray & influenza test. I didn't have Pneumonia or the flu thankfully, but if I had ignored it, it could have turned into q worse situation. I left with a prescription for an antibiotic, an inhaler & instructions to get my fever under control. Because of my brain surgery and the resulting breathing & swallowing issues, I seem more susceptible to Pneumonia. I sure hope this doesn't become a yearly occurrence.

Thanks Mom for taking me in the wee hours to be checked out. I appreciate that we could leave Darren at home in case Zach woke up & couldn't find Mom. Thanks also for sacrificing sleep on a work night. I so appreciate all the scarifies you've made for me through this.

Thank you to Luann, my Mother-in-law, who so graciously filled in my volunteering responsibilities at NHPS even without Zach there. I appreciate you doing that even though it was probably uncomfortable. You are so helpful and so willing, THANK YOU!

Now were are just trying to get Zach & I healthy without having Darren & Kadin end up too sick.

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