Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Results are in....

Top: February 24, 2010 MRI - Showing Brain Tumor & Cyst
Middle: Approximately 1 year Post Op - River Nile thru my head
Bottom: Almost 2 years Post Op- Closing the gap - PRAISE GOD!

Today was a BIG day! A few weeks ago I mentioned I had to get my annual MRI, but I had to wait until after the New Year to get the results. Yes, I snuck a peek, looking for noticeable abnormalities, but honestly I don't know what I'm looking at. Today was the day I finally was able to get my Neurosurgeon's opinion. I'm putting the three MRI's here for comparison. The first is from February 2010 when the tumor & cyst were discovered. The next day I had emergency surgery to resection it. The second picture shows the path the Neurosurgeon took to the tumor & cyst. 'The river Nile' was left. I was under the impression from my last years appointment that this path/whole would ALWAYS be there. The final picture is last months scan which shows my current state and according to Dr. Kralick, it's filling in & my brain is moving back to where it was. He says I'll always have a whole, but it's getting better. Yeah! Praise God! It's great to have confirmation that I'm still healing. I look forward to what it looks like next year!

As tradition, I brought a brain treat into Dr. Kralick. I brought a 'jar o brains' I found on the Internet. It's edible and according to Dr. Kralick, yum! He had already dove into one before I checked out. Imagine: it's a slice through the skull (grey), blood (red), and into brain (pink). I must give credit to Living Locurto for this idea - http://www.livinglocurto.com/2011/10/halloween-recipe-brains/

Darren & I grabbed a celebration Starbucks on the way home! We've been through an interesting journey and I'm excited to see what God has in store for us. Side note: Even though Starbucks in a secular company and I'm sure that the figure on the cup is doing something else, I like to think the figure has its hand raised,praising God. ;0)

Thank you for the continued prayers, support, love, and encouragement.


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  1. Awesome, Awesome, AWESOME!!! God is SO good and it's great to read about one more of His miracles here. Thanks for being so quick to praise Him - it challenges the rest of us to be like minded in our own lives. Love you!