Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Subtle Changes

I haven't written in a while because I have had lots going on. I am reminded again that subtle change, no matter how big or small, is change. To that I am so grateful! I have noticed a lot of these lately in my daily walk. I can remember how long it took me to complete certain tasks that now only take a fraction 0f the time they once did. Feeling is starting to return to my right side and I look forward to the weird hot. numb, just woke up feeling that is continually there. My vision appears to be getting better too, in fact, I am hoping this week or next to move down to a 5 prism on my left eye glass lens. Yeah! Praise the Lord! Because it appears that my swallowing is connected to cranial nerve damage, it has been slow to begin returning, which led to a tough weekend for me. On Saturday, my family and I celebrated Zach turning three and as part of that we had a pizza party with Moose's Tooth pizza. Well if you've ever been there, you will understand how desperately I wanted to partake of the yumminess that filled my house. Instead I had to stand around while everyone else took their share of goodness and my house became quiet as people enjoyed what they had. I on the other hand, tried to hold back tears because I was again different from everyone else. My heart hurt because I wasn't all the mom I wanted t0 be. It was tough. I was reminded that not it my time, but God's.
This week, I have been confused, annoyed, angry, unsure and sad in dealing with the issue of therapy and whether my insurance would continue to cover my care. I feel like I am at a road block and the signs have been moved away and I have been given the green light, but this insurance thing stalled my car. Today, I think it has been worked out and my Speech Therapy will continue. Just another hiccup in the road.
Today, I also had a pedicure. Thank you Dad & Shari for helping me to relax for a moment and let myself be pampered.

More to come.....

Until then......


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  1. Hello,
    My name is Lee and I am currently in physical therapist assistant school. I have choosen hemangioblastoma, as a small project for school and am still learning lots about the topic. If i could,to inform my fellow students about the reality of this, share the results post surgery with rehabiliation with where you are currently at. I could omit your personal information if needed, or not, and would love to ask just a few questions for my project(just like 5-6 questions) I am glad to see such recovery, and know that someone in nashville, tn is adding you to there thoughts. Please feel free to email me