Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Been a little absent...

Let's see if I can update you....

Today, is my first day off Keppra, my anti-seizure medication. Saying that is both a relief and worry. I never had seizures before so I hope that they have decided to abandon me. NO MORE SEIZURES PLEASE!

Lets see... what else... I got a 54 out of 56 on my neurology test today in PT :) when I did it in April I got a 47 - now I know what to work on. A neurology test you ask... here is the best way I can explain it: a neurology test is a standardized test that measures your ability to basically control your balance. I would have failed it (no points) before my time in rehab (hospital & out patient). It measures your ability to do basic tasks like to sit up straight without falling over, to standing with your feet together without falling over, and to my favorite balance on one foot for 10 seconds without falling over (repeat this 9 out of 10 tries). I know it sounds easy, but for someone like me, it is quite a challenge. Even more frustrating is I use to be great at balance, holding my leg in the air for minutes without falling. Ugh! If only I could have a sense of humor over this :( I've definitely been discouraged lately about my current status. I want to know the unanswerable, is this as good as it gets? My soul longs to be able to chase my children without the fear of falling or seizures. I want to share a date with my wonderful husband that involves eating out. I want to be able to take a cat nap on a lazy fall weekend without the fear of aspirating. I know this and so much more is a lot to ask, but I have to believe my God is big enough! To those of you out there with 'normal' lives, please relish it, enjoy and take pleasure in the simple things. Don't be frustrated by silly things, it could be so much worse. Trust me, I've got it good compared to others and to that I'm thankful!


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