Monday, October 11, 2010


Sorry I haven't written in a while, I have been consumed with life and changes that are taking place. In an attempt to normalize our house we have cut back the number of hours my mother-in-law is here, thereby allowing me to care for my children without help. It is our attempt at seeing how I handle the added stress and such. So far, so good. Now saying that, I am sure my afternoon will be hectic and crazy. Let's hope not. So what else has happened the last few weeks.... I had some miscommunication with my insurance company, advocate, and providers that sure got me nervous. At one point it appeared that I was going to drop to one speech therapy a week - but I am still unable to swallow enough to sustain me and although my speech is getting better, I have a ways to go. Thankfully, it all seems to have resolved. My speech therapist is out of town for a month and I have another awesome therapist working with me. I hope to get swallowing larger amounts and to clean up my speech so that Anne is shocked when she returns from her hiatus.

Prayer request: I am really having a hard time with this no eating thing the last few days. Until you are in my shoes it is hard to understand because it is normally so automatic. Unfortunately, for me, it isn't anymore. Please keep this matter in prayer as it is really starting to weigh on my heart and spirit. I want to go on a date to a restaurant with my husband and share a stack of pancakes with my oldest son. I want to cook a meal that both my little man and I can enjoy. I am just really frustrated with this.

Thankful - Yesterday Kadin was dedicated by our Music Minister at church. I have known Jenny since I was in Jr. High and it was an honor to have her dedicate him. I for the first time since my tumor resection was able to tell why Kadin's birth was a miracle and why I call him my miracle baby. Hopefully everyone understood me - I just give God the glory for His good work so far in me.

In a few days, I will be cleared to drive again. Watch out world! Just kidding... I am going to practice in a parking lot first. Oh I look forward to the freedom, I just wish I were eating so I could run to a deli and grab myself a yummy sandwich. Oh I can't wait. I also celebrate my 8 month mark on the 25th of this month. Most people assume that after 6 months you are done making improvements - HA! Not me! I am still progressing in speech and physical therapy. Praise God!

Thanks again for all your support, prayers, love, and concern.


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