Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Yesterday was a hard day. I went to the funeral for my friend and had the blessed pleasure of hugging his remarkable wife. She is incredible! If you don't know her than you are certainly missing out. Not only was she a remarkable wife, but she is an amazing mother and friend. As I held her and hoped I could take away her pain, I was reminded of the love that her and Mason shared. They met in our teen group at Church and I swear it was instant attraction. They dated in the end of high school and into college and were married Jun 2001. I remember the look that Mason had for Angelle and she for him. WOWIE! Talk about fireworks. It was beautiful! That love matured and blossomed into three beautiful children. Now as the big events are done and Angelle is left to pick up the pieces of her life, I wish I could change it. I really don't understand why anyone has to feel like she does now, why a person so young, full of life and love, has to die, unexpectedly. As I reflected on this, I couldn't help but think that my family had much of this to go through just a few months ago. I can't change time in either circumstance, I can't erase the pain that has been felt by all those involved. I can only THANK GOD that He is and was there. As I had my operation, He was with me. He was with my family as they sat in the hospital wondering what and why. He is there with Angelle as she takes every moment as it comes. He was and is with Mason just like he always promised He would be. He is ever faithful!

So now as I sit and wonder what I can do to help make this pain/void a little bit better, I am dumbfounded. I plan to cook meals and kidnap my friend for a pedicure. I plan to do whatever this healing body is capable of doing. I plan to be there t0 support my friend and her boys in whatever life throws at them. I love them so. If you know them or don't please visit to consider helping them. Think about if it were you. When I am posed with that revelation, all I can think was, it almost was (my husband & family). May they never doubt how much I love them.


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