Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Just wishin and hopin and prayin and doin

Okay, so I quoted a song from a chick flick... can anyone guess??? Apparently, I still have my cognitive abilities. Today, I went to see my Neurologist and she is sure that the seizures I suffered in the ER and during the MRI, were related to my tumor indirectly, but were directly related to the hydrocephalus I had as a result from the growth of my tumor. That is what I thought too. Now, I have to have a follow up EEG and assuming all is well there (pray for no spikes), I will be weaned off the Keppra (anti-seizure) medication. Assuming I have no seizures from that process, I will be cleared to drive :0) Gotta get these darn eyes fixed too. I am praying that God will realign them on His own - NO MORE SURGERIES, pretty please with a cherry on top. I go in next week to see my Neurosurgeon to schedule my follow up MRI and to ensure nothing else is growing. I don't need any more little uninvited friends in my head. My physical therapist and speech therapists rock! They both are super positive and through some more hard work, we hope to be wrapping up physical therapy in the next few months and swallowing with no more feeding tube. Please continue your prayers for this. This week I was able to swallow multiple times in a row of a warmed soup, yeah for me! I am really excited. I am not allowing myself to get too far ahead, but I am super ready for this. God has been an awesome provider and healer through this entire process. It is amazing to look back at pictures of me the day of surgery, in ICU, Rehab, and now. Boy have I changed. I am certainly not the same me. In fact, I am relearning what it is like to be the new me and I believe I have surprised a few people. Thank you again for all the prayers, I know they have been heard. Please continue your prayers too. I am including a picture that it totally me BT (before tumor) and I apparently haven't lost it (my need to do it all in ONE trip). Maybe I will outgrow that? Yeah, right! I am sure I was corralling Zach too, he just probably ran out of the picture. But there it is, me with my arms loaded with groceries and doing it all in ONE trip :0)


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  1. In case you haven't heard it lately or if you've forgotten...I think you're amazing! Love you.