Friday, July 30, 2010

Heavy Heart but Rejoicing None the Less

Yesterday was a tough day! I had a I HATE TUMORS day and it seemed as if nothing but venting to my mom helped. Thankfully, it is out of my system today. I did receive some bad news today about a lady who has been on my heart. A few weeks ago she suffered two brain aneurysm's and unfortunately those where too much for her body to handle. God called her home last night and she was obedient. In moments like this, I rejoice in the fact that she knew Him and He couldn't wait to hold her in His loving arms once she got passed those pearly gates. I do morn with her family that now has to come to gripes with such a loss. I can't even begin to imagine. Having someone go through similar experiences as me and not survive has made my situation even more real to me. That could have been me. WOW. I praise God that I am still here and working hard daily to get better. Please remember to pray for Mary's family as they figure out what to do now. I know that I will and that God will use this experience as a means of declaring Himself to others. What a great new beautiful angel He has.

I also convinced my sister to take me to the store after physical therapy today. My mission was to buy some bright, beautiful flowers for a friend whose father is on his death bed with two brain tumors. It is funny how God works in your life. I had a plan to do this this morning but I kept pushing it aside saying I wasn't ready to see my former co-workers. God, on the other hand, knew better. He kept reintroducing this idea to me throughout the morning and when I finally asked if it was my plan or God's, I knew it was His and I had to do it. Unfortunately, my friend was not there, but another told me she would drop off the flowers to my friends house after work. What a doll she is. So while I was there, I visited with my former co-workers who had not seen me since before my scare and operation. Many tears were shed and hugs given. I was able to remind them that God had done it all and to confirm to them that He was responsible for my recovery. It was great to see them all, though being in the spot light was a little overwhelming for me. I know that many of these people have and continue to pray for me. I am so thankful for that.

So despite yuckiness in the world, there is also good. Sometime we just have to change our focus. Thank you to everyone who has taught me this. May this be a reminder to you to tell those that you love, you love them, as we never know when it will be too late. So instead of grumbling and complaining, I am choosing to sing "Oh Happy Day."


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