Friday, December 14, 2012


Sometimes it seems things happen that we just don't understand. I'm not sure I'd care to understand those things even if I could wrap my mind around them. I do know that they inevitably leave a wake of destruction and pain in their path. I also know it forces us to do two things, tell those we love, we love them and creates a brief unified front. Unfortunately, this united front initially gathers a lot of steam and momentum, but usually dies off before any necessary change can be made. Sure I'm being ambivalent about what I'm talking about cause it can be applied to so many things. Today it was two separate horrific tragedies that robbed children of their lives and innocence. It stole children away from their parents, families, friends, and future. Parents, teachers, and leaders were also unnecessarily robbed from these communities without a second thought. And for what???? We will probably never truly know the "why." It's easy to demonize those that afflicted such anguish, but I can't help but be filled with more questions. My heart is heavy like most Americans. I wish it had never happened. I wish I knew how to help those that've been thrust into such horrific grief. All I can do is offer prayers for all who were and will be involved. We need to find a solution so this doesn't occur again. I wish I could offer the solution, fix the broken hearts, and guarantee it would never happen again, but I can't. May God provide His steadfast comfort during this time. May He come along each person involved and grant peace, guidance, and healing.

Remember each moment is precious! Please join me in telling those I love and care for how very special they are to me. Trying to do my best to find some positive in such a heartbreaking day!


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