Sunday, December 23, 2012

Making good from bad

Three years ago today, our lives came to a crashing halt.  It was 7:30 at night and I was getting Zach ready for bed and the phone rang.  One of my closest friends was on the phone and she blurted out Darren's been hurt at the hockey game and the ambulance is taking him to the hospital.  During our conversation, I was unable to deduce what had happened & how he'd been injured.  Her husband who was on the same hockey team would swing by shortly to drop off Darren's hockey bag.  He also planned to get Darren's car home from the rink cause he knew I had severe vertigo & was probably overwhelmed with what had just happened.  (Thank you again Ryan & Aimee for all your help during this.)  I hung up with my friend & quickly called my Mom & Mother in law.  I quickly shared what I knew and asked them to come over.  My Mom could put Zach down & stay with him while my Mother in law would drive me to the ER.  Yes, I was unable to drive due to the vertigo.  We went to our preferred provider ER and were sent to the other ER.  When I arrived, they had just removed Darren's skate & some of his gear.  I've never seen him in so much pain, and I never want to see him in that much pain again.  We had to wait for a set of X-rays to be taken before we knew how bad it was. The Doctor concluded that he broke both the  Tibia & Fibula.  They reset the broken bones in his leg and did a temporary cast.  They made an appointment for a few days later at an Orthopedic Surgeons office.  Because of the upcoming holiday (Christmas), the on call Doctor deemed that Darren's leg could wait   ;( A few days later, we met the surgeon & scheduled surgery.  Darren made it through surgery fine & although the first days of recovery were really tough for Darren, he survived.  In fact,  he was still on crutches & not cleared to drive when we showed up at the hospital a few weeks later for my scheduled induction for Kadin.  He even had one crutch the first few weeks after my brain surgery.

This was definitely a crazy time for our family. But thankfully this date doesn't hold all bad memories.  Thanks to my Sister, Jaime & brother in law, Kyle, I have a great thing to celebrate. Happy first birthday Lily!  We are so glad to remember this day in a positive way!


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