Thursday, October 28, 2010


So the last few days have been interesting to say the least. I have started driving again and although that brings a larger sense of freedom, it is scary too. They keep mentioning the S word (snow) and that makes me apprehensive. I have driven myself to the grocery store a few times and to therapy and thankfully have done well. A whole new step for me. I have had an awesome Speech Pathologist step in to work with me while my primary Speech Therapist gallivants around Madagascar, I hope safely. Kelly is her name and she is awesome. She really gets me and lets me melt down when I am frustrated with my less than pleasing swallow status. We laugh a lot and I think that helps too. She has told me that when this is all over, I should write a book. I would love to do that! Lets see... what else made it remarkable.... I visited my Neurosurgeon and for the first time in 8 months I finally understood that I was "walking dead' when I first met him in February. And I must add I was not walking very well,,, ha ha ha, sorry my weird humor. I left my appointment with him now realizing that the tumor was peeled off of my brain stem not just resting up against it. No wonder I have had such trouble! I think that newly understood knowledge will allow me to stop beating myself up when something doesn't go perfectly.

Another cool thing was a friend asked me to write a synopsis of the last 8 months for our college class letter. What a honor! I love to share all that God has done because He certainly has begun a good work in me, I am just trying to be patient to let Him complete it. Another thing that we are tossing around is going out of state to get a second opinion on my swallow. I have lots of questions and I want to make sure that we go to a great swallowing clinic that will be able to assist me. I am confident that God will again take the reigns and direct this path for me. Please keep this new revelation in your prayers. Thank you!

Happy Halloween to all! Check out the picture I took tonight - Argh! Can you guess what I am?


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  1. Jess, you look amazing! Keep up the hard work. I love you and I'm still praying for you. :)