Monday, April 04, 2016

The comings & goings

Last time I blogged, I told you all about the opportunity I had with the Rehab Unit of Alaska learn to downhill ski at Alyeska...well that day has come and gone and I decided to tell you all about it... but wait some things happened before that... so let's see if I can catch you up

I finally got my MRI scheduled and taken... now I am just waiting for my appointment with Dr. Kralick later this month to confirm all is well.  I've already got some brain treats planned for Dr. Kralick so stayed tuned to see my next brainy creation.  My husband and I notice a mass in my sinuses so I am waiting to find out how to proceed with that too... oh joy!

The day after my MRI, I was sitting in my car awaiting the end of the school day when another Mommy from school came over to my window.  She told me that she had left extra early hoping to catch me before I got involved in a conversation with others also waiting for the end of the school day.  She wanted to give me this beautiful bracelet that her friend made.  She told me that she carries them around waiting to share them with someone she thinks is "being the good in the world."  She wanted to give it to me because she knew my story and she wanted to tell me how she was impressed in how I was always smiling and so positive.  Even as I recall this, I'm brought to tears.  What a gift! I am so touched!  Here I was lost in thought about my MRI and being worried about what it'll mean and here was this wonderfully nice and thoughtful Mommy, encouraging me.  I started this blog as a way to communicate with family and friends about the journey I am on.  I wanted it to be raw and real and I hope it is.  I wanted it to be focusing on taking the positive road and about giving God the glory for it all. Without Him, I'd be nothing! Thank you Friend for showing me love and encouragement!

Kadin and I attended the Easter fun at Church and had a fantastic time.  we've heard the craft day during Advent is a blast too... now just to wait for that!

Easter Bunny stopped by with new Crocs, athletic pants, books, tooth brushes & toothpaste & candy.

Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt... winter finally showed up a few days before the big day and thankfully it was all melted before the kids went egg hunting.

What a blessed day! He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

Boys got to meet their new "cousin" A and they were over the moon with her! I love watching how excited they were to hold and love on her. What good Daddies they'll be one day! <3 p="">

Okay, the time has come... are you on the edge of your seats?  I did it! I actually skied.  When I accepted the invitation, I did it without much thought.  I heard that one of my favorite Nurses  (Ellen) would be there and I jumped.  As the days got closer to the big event, I didn't really think much about it.  I asked my sister Jaime to come along in case I needed a swift kick in the butt or words of encouragement.  I made sure I had snow gear and of course a helmet.  I didn't mentally prepare myself at all.  Wednesday arrived and I started to get a little nervous. I joked with Darren and Jaime that I didn't really need to go, but in the end I knew I needed to. I had made a commitment and I am just not one for not following through.  Jaime and I arrived at Challenge Alaska's Girdwood Ski House at Alyeska early and waited. Soon Alaska Regional staff begin to arrive. I looked at the lesson board and was somewhat relieved that there were other past patients that would also be taking a lesson.  Ellen arrived and introduced me to everyone as there has been turn over in the past 6 years I've been gone.  Everyone was so nice. My instructor Dottyie came over to introduce herself.  She was fabulous! Full of positive energy, encouragement and help.  We headed outside to get our ski's and made our way to the magic carpet.  Yes, I made a joke about how I'm Jasmine.  She told me we were going to ride the magic carpet up and take the kiddie hill down. I looked at her like she were crazy because I notice there was nothing for me to hold onto as I got on the magic carpet or rode it.  She showed me the hula hoop she had and talked me through how we were doing to conqueror this first feat.  We did it and we skied down the kiddie hill with the hula hoop between us. She skied backward in front of me and I held onto the hula hoop for dear life.  After a few runs down the hill like that she forced me to be even more adventurous.  This time she'd place the hula hoop around me at hip level and she'd ski behind me.  I guess it was so I could maintain more independence and decide where we should go.  Just when I was starting to get that, she decided to take it up another notch and to 'encourage' me to ride the chair life up and to ski down run 3.  I believe I looked at her and said, "Are you Crazy? There is no way!" One more trip down the kididie hill with me in front and we were headed to the chair lift. If I didn't say that this was terrifying, I'd be omitting something.  We rode the lift up and slowly made our way down the hill. By this time, my legs were becoming fatigued and wanted to give up.  I couldn't force my left leg to behave which made stopping difficult.  I think I only really fell once, usually, I felt out of control and couldn't stop so I  just sat down. Getting back up was hard. After run 3, I asked if we could go back to the kiddie hill because my legs hurt. Dottyie agreed to let me out of my ski's to stretch if I promised to put them back on. I did.  It was a unique experience, full of an array of emotions.  I remember at one point, my body relaxed and it felt good. I am glad for the opportunity and I told Dottyie if she was there next year, I'd really consider taking another lesson with her.  She was the perfect mix of encouragement & push for me. I am blessed to have met her.  So we will see what the future holds,  I don't have any plans for skiing this year as the snow is melting away but I won't say never again. I'm proud of me and I so beyond Thankful for the opportunity.

Be Blessed,

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