Wednesday, March 09, 2016

New opportunities

On Monday, I was praying that God would allow me to use my brain tumor & recovery as a platform... To allow me to think this journey was useful.  I walked into the house from picking the boys up at school and the phone rang.  Calling was someone at Alaska Regional... I'm waiting for a call back to schedule my next MRI, so I assumed it was that. I answered the phone quickly grabbing my schedule so I could be ready to book it. On the other end was someone calling from the Rehab Unit and she was inviting me the first reunion for rehab patients. I was intrigued and then she said it'll be held at Alyeska and they were gonna have instructors on site to teach me to ski. I laughed out loud.  Really? She was calling from the rehab unit... I left using a walker... They really thought I'd be able to ski??? I reminded her that my balance was still off and that I don't think skiing would be a good idea.  I asked a little more about the event and then Sandy drove it home by saying Ellen, my favorite Rehab nurse, was going to be there and she recommended me.  So, I agreed.  I'm full of emotions about it! I remember my attempt at paddle boarding this past summer and I'm nervous for what will happen.  I'll be sure to let you all know how it turns out.

It's funny, I've sat at Hilltop the past two winter seasons thinking about how my boys & Darren now have something in common and feeling somewhat sorry for myself that I can't partake.  I only let myself mop for a moment and then I remind myself that I don't like to be cold, I can always go on ski/snowboard adventures & have quiet time for myself while they're out shredding the slopes... But now??? We will see what happens. God knows!

I'm still looking for what God has in store for me and I'm confident it will be great!

Thanks for listening!

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