Sunday, June 26, 2016

Summer Days

So it's been a couple months since my last blog... I did go see my Neurosurgeon and got the thumbs up! I did bring crazy brain treats too. Then fast forward a few weeks and it was the end of school for the year. I was busy running between Kindergarten performance, class picnics, teacher gifts and watching Miss Ashlynn the last few days of school. Lots of good memories.  So far we have filled the summer break with zoo trips, play dates, water gun & balloon fights, soccer, chalk masterpieces, pool parties and much more.  There is still so much left of summer and we plan to fill it with more zoo trips, camping excursions, play dates, soccer and more. Here's a few pictures of the fun we've had.  We are so excited when Darren can join us for the fun.

My love

Enjoying the Alaska Zoo with great friends

First soccer tournament of the summer 

First soccer tournament of the summer 

First soccer tournament of the summer 

First soccer tournament of the summer 

Visiting the Alaska Zoo

Timber - Darren took out the large tree behind our house

Its been nice & warm so the boys have enjoyed running through the sprinklers

More soccer & more family fun

Lucky Dog - she will be 13 in September

I have some exciting news on the brain front...okay, it's exciting for me because many of you wont realize how significant it is. It's proof that I am still healing, 6+ years later. Praise God! 

It's summertime... So what is the footwear of choice? Flip flops, right? I use to have flip flops in so many different colors but I got rid of them after my surgery because I figured I'd never be able to wear them again.  Well I threw some $2.50 ones in my old navy basket the other day and thought 'what's the harm?'  Well, I can walk in them. I still have a death grip on the toe separator thingy but they don't fly off my foot with every step and I don't look ridiculous walking in them (an added bonus)!!!

Flip Flops


I came upon this reading this last week and it really resonated with me!  It addresses Trauma and I love that it says: "This is not a wholly negative thing. Healing from trauma can also mean finding new strength and joy.  The goal of healing is not a papering-over of changes in an effort to preserve or present things as normal.  It is to acknowledge and wear your new life - warts, wisdom, and all - with courage."

That is it!  No matter what I have endured through this brain tumor, I've tried so hard to remain positive and focused on the blessing it was/is. I am sure that sounds trite to many or to those who've had a brain tumor too, but that is it, a blessing.  I still have moments where I am uncomfortable in my new normal, but it's a reality that I need to accept.  If I don't accept it, I can never fully embrace all that has happened, good and bad.  Trauma is truly a reset button. It's not possible to return to the old and I'm thankful for that.  I'm turning my mess into my message.

Be blessed!

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