Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Monday was a rough day! It was Presidents Day so the boys were off school and Darren was home from work.  We ran errands & spent time together.  Sounds bad, huh? No, that part was great!  I noticed a tightness in my shoulders that wouldn't go away despite several attempts at stretching. I finally took some children's Tylenol (still can't swallow pills) and the boys left for a hour to go skating at the school. I figured I'd just rest and the headache that was lingering would go away.  Darren came home with the boys and retreated downstairs to do some work on the basement.  All the hammering & drilling made my head buzz.  I tried to eat dinner as Darren took Zach to soccer practice.  Kadin continued his carefree singing & noise making. When Darren returned home with Zach a while later, I retreated upstairs to take a bath. I took another dose of medicine and crawled into a hot bath hoping my body would relax. I emerged half an hour later feeling relaxed & slightly better.  I was still aware of my body's habit of quickly tensing up. I only hoped to make it to bedtime so I could sleep this migraine off completely.  No luck... Within about 20 minutes, my head was again aching.  I headed back upstairs & laid on my bed.  About half an hour later, Darren gathered the boys up for bed.  I headed downstairs for an ice pack.  I've learned that sleeping with a gel ice pack in the crook of my neck often does the trick & I can relax enough to go to sleep.  I went through four ice packs before I was able to fall asleep.  Darren had a late hockey game and he toyed with the idea of going & whether I'd be alright, the events of 6 years came flooding back instantly.  Six (+) years ago he went to his late hockey game and left a 35 week pregnant sick wife at home with a 2 1/2 year old.  Cut to the flash forward version of the story... It was the night he broke his leg in two places.  We looked at each other and I said nothing, hoping he wouldn't go b/c I was afraid.  Apparently, he was feeling similar and decided not to go.  He stayed & replaced my ice packs until I went to sleep.  What a great caretaker!!! Love that man more than I could ever say!

I woke up Tuesday feeling a ton better and no traumatic story to share. Thankful!!!

During this time of the year, I am overcome by the emotion of all that happened. My sister Jaime kept a log of emails, prayer requests & comments along with a detailed account of my care.  Each year, I read this notebook and I'm so thankful.  It reminds me of how far I've come. It reminds me the Gods still in the miracle business and I am one of them.  I'll be doing my next MRI in the next months and with that comes a multitude of emotions. I pray it still shows all clear.  I will be sure to share the results after its all done. Now to wait for the Doctors office to schedule it. I need to start refining my next brain treat for Dr. Kralick.

Thanks for listening!


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