Saturday, April 04, 2015

Resurrection Sunday

Tomorrow is a big day! Christians celebrate Christ being raised from the dead! Hallelujah!  For years I've celebrated Easter for this reason, but I really didn't understand it until 5 years ago.  As I laid in that hospital bed, I wanted desperately to be at home.  It was the first year that Zach could really participate in the holiday, he could dye eggs, hunt for eggs & really get excited for a basket full of goodies.  Instead of enjoying that, I was stuck in a hospital bed. Thankfully Darren, my Mom (Lani) and Mother in Law (Luann) came to the rescue and not only made sure Zach got to experience these fun things, but they also took pictures/video of it for me to enjoy & feel like I was a part of it.  During that time and the weeks that followed, I faced the idea of new life. I felt a lot like I was starting over. I  had to face so many 'new' things, had to rediscover how to do so many things that had previously been so easy.  Just as Christ was giving me a new life through the sacrifice He made on the cross, I faced a new life as a survivor.  I had to figure out how to travels the new paths before me.  Many thoughts/feelings/impressions were before me making each step harder.  As I've learned to walk my new survivor life, I've learned that my Christian walk has aided me in so many ways.  I look back on the whole time period often and I see Gods hand print throughout all of it.  Above all I give Him Thanks & Praise for loving me enough to give Himself for me and for saving me too.

May your Easter Day be filled with rejoicing!


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