Monday, March 09, 2015

Mokapu Beach Pictures by Mariah Milan

As promised... here is the link to Mariah's pictures...Once I have the originals in my hands, I will be sure to share..until then.. check out this teaser....

Thank you so much Mariah! You captured a milestone for me! I LOVE pictures and these are fabulous!

I absolutely LOVE the ones of my boys!!! What photogenic kids they are!  

It is hard to think back 5 years and to be so unsure about the future.  By March 9th, I was still in ICU. I am thankful my sister Jaime took such diligent notes so that I can go back and reread and remember all that I have to be thankful for.  On March 5, 2010, I had completed some PT...I say some because at that point I was only able to walk for 70 feet. I did a Google  search on 70 feet to show you that distance and I came up with the length of Rapunzel's hair from the Disney movie Tangled.  During the afternoon of the 9th, I also had my stomach tube placed.  I still remember this procedure even though I was medicated and I definitely will never forget my first day recovering from it. I am sure my Mom and Darren wont either!  Out of the various procedures, tests and assessments that I endured during my 6 week stay, I must say that this was one of the worst.  I remember Dr. Peach coming in and telling me about the procedure, I remember my family discussing the importance of a permanent feeding tube, I remember my feelings and fears about what a feeding tube meant for me.

My PEG tube - had it for over a year & so glad to get rid of it

Dinner time when I came home... my meal Jevity, Zach & Darren ate real food, 
Kadin was doing a bottle & baby food - 

My food - Jevity

My meds - compared to what I was on in the hospital, this was a major downgrade

I always asked for soda... one day while in Rehab, Dr. Kralick obliged and wrote an order for Dr. Pepper (my favorite) to be given to me in my tube... I even burped Dr. Pepper burps.... it was wonderful :0)

I take some time around my Brain Birthday to reread all the daily logs, emails, cards & prayers that were collected for me during those long 6 weeks. I think it helps me to keep perspective. Its TOO EASY to forget the experience once its past.  I don't remember all the minute details anymore, just the big bold points. Overall. I am so thankful and blessed to have endured this. I count myself lucky.  May God continue to be present in my journey, all the days of my life.


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