Friday, March 22, 2013

It's been crazy here the last few weeks cause Zach had spring break (2 weeks), Kadin got sick (asthma, double ear infection & sinus infection), and just life with two little active boys. I think we are over the hump... Or at least I hope! Zach is back in school and Kadin is on the mend.

I had my yearly MRI result appointment with Dr. Kralick this week and he again confirmed all is well. Yeah!!! Good to hear! Even at three years, I see changes still occurring. I am so thankful for Gods continual healing grace. I again brought in fun treats for Dr. Kralick. So much fun!

Celebration Coffee - A tradition for Darren & I after the appointment

MRI DVD and skull tumbler for Dr. Kralick

Brain cupcakes for Dr. Kralick

Thanks again for the continued prayers & support.


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