Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What I've been up to....

It's hard to believe that it has been a month since my last entry, but it has.  I'm confident that no one has been holding their breath or sitting on the edge of their seat waiting for what I'll say next, right?

I've been busy and since I'm still busy trying to get dinner on the table and organized for a big event in the days to come, I decided to share some photo's of things that have happened the last few weeks.

I do hope you are all well and I plan on sharing more in the next weeks.


Kadin was sick again - getting to be such a big boy and hold his own nebulizer mask

Got away for a girls weekend with my Mom & sister, Jaime - while gone the boys' weren't far from my mind & neither was a LEGO store :0)

Dad took the boys to Zach's first hockey practice while I was out of town ... for being so good they got Baskin Robbins

Picture of my little men that Darren sent to me while I was gone... gotta love technology

Zach is loving hockey and he is getting better every time

Cheeseheads.... they had crazy hat day at Zach's school and I dug my cheesehead out of my closet and told the boys that their relatives (Darren's side) are die hard Wisconsin fans

My oldest sister turned 40 and I had fun helping with party planning & of course cupcakes

More cupcakes from Wendy's party

Wendy's party was island themed and the food was fantastic!

I think he's done it! Potty Trained! GOOOOOOO Kadin

Our newest love is Superhero's.... here's some of the boys paying homage to them....

I recently heard Zach say as he was playing,,,, "Optimus (Transformers) is alive, PRAISE THE LORD!"

I've been sewing too... Working on baby gifts, Christmas baskets, and got to work on Zach's Ninja costume for Halloween

Halloween 2012 - Ninja Zach and Lion Kadin - costume trial run

Brain cupcakes I made for my physical therapist's birthday.  Even though I'm not in PT anymore, I still stay in contact, cause I'm blessed to have had such incredible people helping me get well!

More costume pictures

Trick or Treat Town 2012

Halloween Extravaganza 2012 with the Kragt's & the Campbell's
Such a great time!

Sunday brunch at Grandma's house - Z, K & L playing some tunes

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