Sunday, September 30, 2012

Shiver me timbers

Ahoy Mateys! Capt'n Zachary is 5!

Despite a second bout of stomach flu, we still had a small shindig to celebrate!

Treasure Map Cake

Capt'n Zachary & Pirate C (Piracy)

Capt'n Zachary & First Mate Kadin

Pirate Booty 

Meatballs & Octopus dogs
Shrimp Cocktail
Jello with fruit treasure
Veggies & dip
Salmon spread & Crackers
Punch with skull & cross bone ice cubes
Treasure Map Cake
Pirate Flag cupcakes
Jar O' Cookie Eyeballs

Jar O' Cookie Eyeballs

Pirate Pennant

Pirate Pinata

Happy Birthday Banner - Thanks my friend Sarah @ Peanut Button - Etsy

Pirate Booty Gift Bags


Capt'n Zachary, First Mate Kadin & Me

I have the best treasure! 

Capt'n Zachary, First Mate Kadin & Daddy

As time passes and more momentous events come forward, I'm reminded of life and how truly valuable it is. I shudder to think about the possibility of me not being here for this, but I AM.  Let God be glorified for that!


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