Friday, November 16, 2012

Welcome back to us

We've just returned from two weeks in California. We spent the majority of the time at my parents house in Palm Springs and a few days in LA seeing Disneyland & California Adventure. It was the boys first time in the parks and there were definite highlights. Zach liked California Adventure because he recognized more of the themes. Parts of Disneyland were closed down for various reasons & that was a tad disappointing. Overall, the boys did great & we had a great time. Darren was able to squeeze in a few rounds of golf and rather enjoyed that. Larry even came over from San Diego to join us all for dinner & a round of golf with Darren & PaPa Randy. My Step Mom & I were able to grab a yummy lunch and then we were able to watch a current movie for $1.25. Overall, we ate great food, explored the air museum, a dinosaur theme park & the living dessert, played in the pool, visited a nearby park several times, and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine.

We had a great time. Sure there were bumps, but there were many smooth moments that outweighed those. I am thankful for the time and that I was healthy & strong enough to enjoy it.

Enjoy the pictures!


I've been wishing for one of these since I was in the hospital and I was finally able to enjoy it.  Thanks Sarah!

Palm Springs Air Museum

They LOVE the pool!

Enjoying a moment together... I think the boys were temporarily distracted by Grandma & PaPa

Dinosaur Park  - Cabazon

Feeding young to TRex

Darren getting friendly with TRex


Waiting for a ride

Waiting for a ride 

Bug's Life Ride

Bug's Life Ride

Buggin' Out



Chocolate Face

Meeting a lizard at The Living Desert

Giraffe at The Living Dessert

The Living Desert - Palm Springs

Lizard wranglin' with the boys


Grandma & PaPa

Plane ride home

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