Wednesday, September 26, 2012


It always amazes me the little things that I'm grateful for...I think the world tells us the things we should be grateful should be huge, expensive, sparkly & flashy, but I think not!  Sure those things are nice, but today in a midst of stomach flu, I had a moment of gratefulness.

Today, five years ago, I was blessed with my first son, Zachary.  He has made me laugh, snicker, smile, groan, yell, cry & much more, but without a doubt HE IS A TRUE JOY to my life.  Instead of celebrating his birthday, we wishing away the yuckies. Stomach flu is going through our family (extended & not) and poor Zach got hit this morning. Kadin & I've already had it and we're glad we are done. About the grateful moment... as Zach is sprawled across the couch after a trip to the bathroom, I tell him that I'm so glad that I can be here to take care of hi, he doesn't yet realize the significance of me being her, but I am & that's powerful.  He is such a helpful & gracious patient even in the midst of sickness.

To better days!

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