Monday, April 09, 2012


Two years ago yesterday, I was first waking up again in my own bed.  Was it different? Undeniably! Was it real? It felt so, especially when Darren brought the boys in. I remember those days well, they were full of uncertainty and question.  But, just as God assured me then & this morning in my devotional - With God, we are more capable than we think we are.  Just like God equipped so many before me, He was making it possible for me to be just what He wanted me to be.  I am so thankful for that!!!!! Yesterday, as I sat in Church with my family by me, I realized the milestone God was making.  Just as He indicated with the empty tomb that He wasn't finished, I don't believe He's finished with me either.  I have no idea what that entails, but I'm giddy with excitement for it.  I see God's hand in all of it... From the two year mark, to my morning devotional, to the cup my coffee is in,  I am lavished with gifts from Him.  My coffee cup says "Life is Good" - its a cup my Mom bought me on a girls trip we had while I was pregnant with Kadin. I had wanted to do some baby clothes shopping at an outlet store and figured my closest option was Seattle. Darren graciously stayed home with Zachary while my Mom and Sister and I headed for a weekend trip to Seattle.  A few weeks before we were to leave, the unknown brain tumor reared it's ugly head via pregnancy issues. I had a low fluid level and I had to get that up before my Doctor would let me travel.  I was barely 20 weeks and couldn't believe I was having trouble.  I drank everything! I carried a water bottle everywhere I went & forced myself to drink.  Finally, a week before we were set to leave, we were given the okay.  This cup was a gift to remember the trip, I thought it was silly and thought my Mom was just being her sentimental self.  I put the mug away & didn't think much of it until I was finally eating & drinking a year and a half later.  Now I use it almost everyday :) Thank You Mom! A few weeks after this trip (Halloween 2009), I began to experience vertigo symptoms, the most debilitating symptom of my brain tumor.  What a blessing that trip was for me. In the past two years, I've experienced so much. When I think back to those first days at home, I'm baffled how Darren did it all, but I'm so grateful he did. What an amazing man. I love him so much!  Thank you Babe! Thank you again to those of you who spent countless hours praying for me! You are a part of my recovery and God's miracle. Blessings.


  1. Oh Jess,
    This brings back so many memories and questions I had too. Our husbands are amazing. We are so lucky aren't we? <3

  2. Yes, we are! God hand selected each of them for us. We are truly blessed!

  3. On a lighter you remember when we were driving around in Portland in that tiny car and mom pulled in to the bus lane? It was perfect since we had a "Buss" in the car with us. Too funny! Good times, great memories, & terrific omelets! Love you.