Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Egg Salad

Lunch in REMEMBRANCE of Tari! An egg salad sandwich, Cheetos puffs (they are full like her smile), and of course Diet Coke.

Tari & I - my last day in the Escrow Department.

Mr. Stringer, Tari & I - when I was selected as the first ever Loan Servicing Division Employee of the Year

Shannon, Joy, Tari and I - Halibut Fish Trip/Salty Dog

With the title of this post, you may be wondering and I'll answer your questions with...No, I didn't change my blog to a cooking one :) it's just egg salad ties to what's been on my mind & heart the last few days.

It always amazes me how God works.  Just a few weeks ago as I talked to my Mom about upcoming Easter plans, I mentioned my love for egg salad and how I couldn't wait to have hard boiled eggs in the house.  She commented that the best egg salad she & my sister had was what I prepared from memory and without taste in Rehab about two years prior.

 SIDE NOTE: As part of my requirement for discharge from the hospital, I had to prove to my Occupational Therapist, I was safe in the kitchen.  When asked what I wanted to make I joked I would prepare a peanut butter & jelly sandwich.  She humored me and gently nudged me forward to something that was a little more difficult. I selected egg salad because it's one of my favorite sandwiches, but only if prepared by a few select people (my friend Tari).  I'm picky about it.  I carefully ran through the instructions in my memory and completed the supply request.  When it arrived the next day, I was nervous and a little on edge. How could I make something without tasting it? What if I cut my fingers chopping the egg up? How many of these mayonnaise, mustard, sweet relish packets would I need?  I boiled my eggs and after they cooled, I peeled them and began making egg salad. I even assembled a few sandwiches for my 24/7 cheering team, which they gobbled down. I did it! No injuries either.   Victory!

Continued above story:  As I continued talking with my Mom about egg salad, I commented that the best egg salad sandwiches I ever had were made by my former boss & friend Tari.  I've know Tari since I was in elementary school. She & my Mom worked together and after my Mom moved to another servicing unit, I began in her old department with Tari.  I use to beg her to bring in egg salad during spring time and she happily obliged.  I think she kind of saw me like a daughter and was happy to meet my request.  I often house sat for her when she'd go out of town.  I really loved her like family.  Time passed and after I got my Master's degree,I decided to leave my job at the bank with her and go into my studied field of counseling.  I had learned so much and was ready to spread my wings.  Although it was tough, she cheered me on.  I still have the Orchid plant she gave me on my last day there.  When I came back to the bank a year and a half later, I was in a new unit, but she was sure to welcome me back with a warm hug and kind words.  A few years earlier she had beamed with pride as she helped nominate me as the First recipient of the Loan Servicing Division's Employee of the Year.  I still have the notes & pictures.  What treasured memories! During that phone call, I asked my Mom how Tari was and she filled me in on what Tari had recently shared with her. Although life wasn't perfect she had a beautiful daughter that she loved more than anything. My Mom mentioned that Tari needed prayer and I made it a point to send her a card telling her I loved her & to tell her I was thinking of & praying for her.  Little did I know that it would be the final time I would get to 'converse' with her.  I received notice from my Mom Easter night that Tari was killed Easter morning in a cabin fire.  The details are still pending and I'm trying to understand as best I can.  My heart aches for her daughter Lindsea.  In reality I'm numb and finding it difficult to accept.  Am I in a bad dream?  Thoughts are whirling in my head, so much I would have said if I'd only made the choice to invite her out for coffee or stopped by to see her.  I am thankful I listened when the Holy Spirit prompted me to send a card a few weeks ago. Now I just hope she got it, read it, and felt loved.

Tari, my friend, you had a heart of gold. You'd give the shirt off your back to someone in need regardless of what it would cost you. You were filled with laughter that was contagious.  I was blessed to know you. It seems surreal to know you're gone.  I think for awhile I'll expect to see you in passing when I go to the bank for a visit.  Thank you for taking me under your wing when I started at the bank and teaching and guiding me.  I will miss you! I love you! Goodbye my friend. May you Rest in Peace.


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  1. What a beautiful tribute to Tari. Yes, she will be missed. Praying for Lindsea...