Sunday, March 04, 2012

I - did - I -did - I - did - the Iditarod

Okay... does anyone remember that catchy tune, I did, I did, I did.... the Iditarod Trail? So, my title comes from that.... I'm sure only Alaskans will get that, especially those that were around in the 90's...... anyways, I digress.

Fur Rondy continued into this weekend and with it the beginning of the Iditarod. We headed downtown this morning (Saturday) to catch the train expo at the Alaska Railroad Train Depot. I think the boys would have loved to play with the displays as opposed to watching them. After that we headed to a churches parking lot located along the mushing route to watch the dog teams. It was so exciting to see those first teams head out. The boys were excited to see the 'puppies'. It has been great to be involved in community activities. Unfortunately, my youngest Kadin was a tad fussy as he didn't want to wear a snow hat anymore :) Goof! We only saw about 7 teams head out, but it was still fun. Next year, we'll aim for more. We headed home and while Darren and Zach snow blowed the driveway, Kadin and I watched some more of the dog teams head out on the local cable channel. He was busy making sure my head was protected by his brother's bike helmet, rather than watching 'puppies' and their mushers head out.

Speaking of Fur Rondy events, I'm going to the Empty Bowl next weekend as it has become a tradition with the ladies in my family. My Mom, Mother in Law (Luann), sister (Jaime), her Mother in Law (Bonnie), and our great friend (Aimee) go. This would be our 10th year I think, but they didn't go the year I was in the hospital. It is an awesome event that raises money for Bean's Cafe, a local homeless shelter that serves hundred's of warm meals every day. You go, select a one of a kind hand made & decorated pottery bowl donated by various pottery artists in town and the chef at Bean's Cafe prepares two kinds of fabulously yummy bean soup. You can eat as many bowls as you want along with warm yummy cornbread, Oh, its fabulous! If you are in Anchorage during this time some year, you should check it out. In regard to new events I want to see the 'Running of the Reindeer.'

Side note: the church cleared viewing location was quite slippery - Darren was holding Kadin and went down. Just like 'normal' I reached out trying to save them and I too went down. The only one left standing was Zach. I felt angry & frustrated with my balance until I heard another spectator say, even with the warnings of slippery ground & the gravel, we are all still falling down. After that new perspective, I let go of the anger & realized no one was making fun of me (us) for falling, they wouldn't pinpoint me because I was walking 'funny' before that. What a remarkable experience! I'm reminded in this moment that everyone isn't looking for my faults, they're just taking note of their environment. I need to be less hypersensitive because in reality 'normal' people fall all the time and how does someone differentiate me from that? They don't! Thank you Lord for that lesson learned.


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  1. Jess, I'm proud of you for coming to the realization that others aren't looking to you for your faults. It's my hope that that sobering reality will change your individual perspective and make navigating through your new normal a more positive experience. I love you! :)