Saturday, March 17, 2012


I don't know what it is about this time of year, but there's something about Spring and the craving I get for egg dishes.  I become enthralled with egg salad & egg mustard salad.  I was getting everything ready for egg mustard salad today to bring to ST. Patricks Day dinner and I had a hospital flashback.  As I chopped the hard boiled eggs up, I remembered how when I was in Rehab, I had to prove I was safe in the kitchen.  This was done by preparing something to eat in which I had to use the stove to make.  It happened to be spring time so although I couldn't eat, I offered to make egg salad.  By memory, I recalled to my Occupational Therapist which ingredients we needed.  The next day, I made egg salad without a recipe & without the ability to taste.  I was able to feed quite a few family members.  It was spot on. I remember thinking how silly it was that I had to prove I was safe in the kitchen, but I've learned the importance of it. The kitchen is full of 'ouchies.'. It's funny, I used that no taste method of cooking for a year and I got lots of compliments on what I created.   Most everyone has their own version of egg salad but here's  the recipe for egg mustard salad. Egg Mustard Salad: Head of Romaine lettuce or spinach chopped 4 hard boiled eggs - yolks removed & reserved for dressing, whites chopped 1/2 lb bacon - cooked & crumbled Bunch of green onions, chopped Dressing : 4 egg yolks, mashed 2 tsp yellow mustard 6 tbsp apple cider vinegar 6 tbsp sugar Assemble Romaine lettuce, chopped egg whites, bacon pieces, green onions, and top with dressing right before serving. Enjoy! Blessings.

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