Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fabulously busy!

Life is GOOD!

I know that many have uttered how busy they are, especially during this time of year, but I'm thankful. I am grateful I have a lot of things pulling me in many directions because it makes me feel NORMAL. I am taking more commitments this year than before my brain tumor resection, who would've guessed? I'm so thankful for all those commitments and what it means to me. I've been blessed by each commitment in some form or fashion! So here's what I've been up to:

I've been able to cook Christmas goodies with one of my sisters to then share with my husband's company. Nothing better than homemade treats.

I got the opportunity to stuff totes with my sisters and Dad/Mom 2 with the basic necessities one might need to set up their own place after receiving aide from social services. The past few years, we've selected someone or an organization to sponsor during the holidays and it has been a joy to do. It has been so rewarding & fulfilling to help those in need. It's what Jesus commands in his word, right?

I got the incredible privilege of bringing dinner to a friend's Dad who has Lou Gehrig's disease. It was so wonderful to hold his hand and chat. We laughed, cried, and just enjoyed the company. I even got to try my hand at making Gumbo for them, which was fun because they're originally from Louisiana. I am in awe of Mr. Glen & Ms. Toni! Life has handed them a terribly difficult path and they're facing it with courage, faith, strength, and love. Such incredible people and I'm blessed by them. I sure loved the big bear hug too!

I also have volunteered (via Darren) to do the Christmas baskets for AMI and they're almost done. It has been great to get creative again and to feel useful for more than just a Mom/Wife.

We also got to visit one Grandma at work where Santa and his helper had stopped for a quick rest. Zach was super excited but became shy when Santa pulled him to his lap, but he had practiced asking Santa for specific gifts, so he did great. Kadin could have cared less. He wasn't so sure about his Dad handing him off to a stranger, and this Momma's okay with that. Their cousin Morgan was there too so it was great to have them all together.

Praise: After almost two years, I'm starting to drink water. I know that sounds weird but if you've heard me or my speech therapist talk about it, you'd understand that water is the toughest for me to swallow because it moves so fast. I've had to chill/heat, flavor, or carbonate any drink in the past to successfully swallow it. but now, I'm reintroducing water. I remember when I first was home and able to swish water around my mouth and the incredible flavor it had. I wanted it so bad and now I can enjoy it. Sure, I'm still a little cautious, but another hurdle is being mounted. Thanks be to GOD!

This holiday season, I hope you get a chance to slow down and give of yourself, trust me, the reward is amazing!



  1. Thanks for sharing the updates of your busy life. The re-introduction of water? That's 100% AWESOME! Praise the Lord! Love you. :)

  2. Thanks Jay for always commenting! Helps me know at least someone is reading my blog. Thanks for the continued encouragement & love.