Thursday, June 09, 2011


Tomorrow is the final day of Zach's soccer camp. Only one day has been a struggle and he's made a new friend too. This was my attempt at independence. I take both boys to the stadium by myself and it has worked well. Everyday, someone from my family has shown up to support Zach so if I got into trouble, they would be there. It has been so awesome to watch Zach out on the field running, kicking, and playing. He is one of 5 in his age group. There are two little girls that listen well, there is another boy that is a little older than Zach that pays attention and then there is Zach and Rick, his new friend. They listen pretty well when they are in a huddle but they are easily distracted with airplanes, soccer balls, and each other. It is quite comical and frustrating at the same time that their coach knows their names not for excellent ball skills but for losing attention. He often holds Zach's hand or has him help him lead an exercise so he'll stay close. For those of you who know Zach, he loves this personalized attention. I so appreciate the coach who I believe the following: 1. is younger than me, 2. wishes he had a cold one right after Zach's group, and 3. has probably sworn off having children, ever. This has been a definite learning experience for me, where I try to stay out of it and let the coach handle it all. For those who know me, know this has been a struggle, but I've succeeded.

This weekend, I am signed up to run one mile in the Alaska Run for Women. This is to raise awareness for Breast Cancer. I don't plan on breaking any records, I just plan to run the whole mile. I know that doesn't sound very hard, but for me, it will be. I'll let you know how it turns out.


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