Sunday, June 12, 2011

Goal Reached

Throughout my recovery, I have had small and large goals that I've set for myself. So far, I've accomplished many and yesterday was no exception. Before I had Kadin (February 2010), I told myself that I was gonna do the Alaska Run for Women to bring awareness to breast cancer. Then life happened and that June I was still wobbly on my legs and that didn't seem plausible. So, I set a goal for completing it June 2011. They have a 1 mile walk/run or 5K walk/run. Even though I'm ambitious, I faced reality and analyze what I could probably do. My heart wants more than my body will allow :0) So yesterday, Jaime and I took on the 1 mile walk. To some, that probably sounds easy, but for me, it was a challenge. Not only do I hope my legs, core & hips work right, I also have to deal with my vision and the messages it receives. This was a tough walk for me. About 50 yards into it, I was ready to call it quits. I felt pushed and rushed by those people behind me, which caused me to be severely frustrated and upset. Instead of quitting, I stepped aside and let the group pass me. After that, I was able to concentrate more on my walking and less on those around me. The sun was beautiful and warm, but the switch between dark to light as we went in and out of shaded areas really challenged my brains ability to process all that I was asking of it. I did finish the 1 mile walk in the end. I wish I could have run it, but that wasn't in my cards. There is always next year.

Thanks for all the encouragement!


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