Tuesday, April 12, 2011


You got it folks... the latest news here.... THE TUBE IS OUT! GONE! FINISHED! GOODBYE! NO LONGER NEEDED OR WANTED!

Okay...so I'm a little excited. Here's what was going on inside my head the night before & after as I typed it in my phone...


As bedtime neared in our household tonight, I couldn't help but be teary eyed. I knew I would be up & at the hospital by the time the boys woke up. You see, with this procedure, tube removal, I am weighed down with emotions. I am excited, nervous, proud, apprehensive, worried, grateful, unsure, scared, and so much more. I hugged & kissed my boys and read them their bedtime stories. I didn't want to say Goodbye, but I had too, it broke my heart. A new leaf is about to be revealed and I need a lot of God's help to get through this.


Got the tube taken out today! Wow! I sure have been waiting a long time for that. When I showed up to pre-register, they didn't have me on the schedule. Good thing I was prepared and had my paperwork from the doctors office. I got taken back to pre-op and they tried to tell me that they had paperwork to replace the tube not remove it. Ha! NO Way! We got that situation straightened out. I knew three of my nurses, does that prove I've been there too many times? According to my doctor, this should heal quickly and I should be able to play in the ocean in no time.This is a milestone for me! I'm so glad it's done with and praising God, he's healed me so far.

I am posting another milestone too... in picture above is my first meal out since all this happened. I went out to lunch with my Mom and sister and we ate at the Glacier Brewhouse, one of our favorites. I ate only a little and very slow, but there was no scene, no Heimlich, and no embarrassment for me. I am taking it step by step.

Thank you again for your many prayers! God isn't done yet!


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  1. You are amazing! I am inspired by your examples of courage, a grateful heart, and a can-do attitude. What a testimony you are and continue to be to His glory! I love you. :)