Tuesday, March 15, 2011


As I mentioned in my last posting, I had incredible nurses, doctors, and Therapists who cared for me through this healing process, but I would be nowhere without my family. My incredible husband who dropped everything to be by my side, fight my battles, speak for me when I was unable, and provide for me & my care at every step of the way. I will never forget asking you time and time again to wake me up from this bad dream. Thank you for the extra love, support, encouragement, patience, and understanding you had for me & the situation we found ourselves in. I have a deeper respect and love for you now than ever before. Thanks for sticking around. I fight for you and the boys. I am honored to be your wife and their mom.

To my Mom and Mother-in-law, how can I ever repay y'all for dropping everything to care for my babies? I can't even imagine walking into a full time job with newborn Kadin and wild toddler Zach. Thank you for loving us enough to do that. Also thank you for being available to help me with caring for the boys over the past year, you have both certainly carried your load. Thank you also for visiting often and bringing the boys in to see me. Although it was tough to see them because I was afraid I'd scare them or they wouldn't know I was mommy and love me, it made a difference in my healing!

Thank you to my sisters Jaime & Wendy! Volunteering to sleep over & going to bat on my behalf was a blessing. Wendy to have a doctor sister was/is a huge blessing and played a large role in my care and treatment. Thank you for stepping in and advocating on my behalf. Jaime, thank you for keeping everyone updated on my care & recovery. I am so thankful to be able to look back and have a record of it all. Thanks also for staying up with me and holding my hand especially after I ripped my feeding tube out. Thanks for the signs of encouragement in my rehab room. My sisters ROCK!

Thanks to Dad & Shari for all you've done for my recovery too. For spending the night, for painting my toenails, for accompanying me to rehab, for towel basketball, final four basketball, sleepless nights talks spent talking, multiple bathroom visits, rides to outpatient therapy and for a pedicure every two months. Dearest Jitana, what to say, my incredible nurse case manager who has been there since the beginning. Who made sure we had everything to go home, who celebrated milestones with me, but with flair. Who kept calling & writing to encourage me. Who travelled all the way from Tennessee to attend my brain party. You are such an incredible case manager and friend. I can't thank you enough! Thank you to the prayer warriors who have been ever so faithful in raising me to Christ. Many of you, I don't know, but I certainly appreciate you sacrificing your time to intercede on my behalf. God has heard each one of you and He has been faithful to your requests. Thank you!

Heavenly Father, the most important Thank You goes to you! There aren't substantial words to express my gratitude for the favor you have showered on me. I don't deserve it, but I am so very Thankful! May I continue to use this experience to bring you glory! Without you, none of this would be possible.

I am sure I have missed thanking someone, and I do apologize, for this was not my intent.

PS - as Easter nears, I am not only reminded of last year, waking up to a giant ducky in my hospital bed (thanks to nurse Cherie - who showed me time & time again God's love) and enjoying on video Zach hunting for Easter eggs around the house (sorry I missed that, it will be better this year), I am reminded of Jesus' ultimate sacrifice made for you and me. Easter was amazing, He proved that not even the grave could touch Him. He endured so much so I could live, and I plan to! May you feel His gentle grace and healing touch, as I have, this holiday season. It's not just about the ham, chocolate bunnies, and other yummy treats, it's about Him.


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