Sunday, March 20, 2011

The beat goes on....

This has been an interesting week... I believe my vocals fold injection done in December has worn out, causing lots of strain on my voice. I hoped that it wouldn't affect my swallowing and thankfully it hasn't. I have been working with Jitana this past week on scheduling a return trip to OHSU to again be evaluated. This is now scheduled and we are waiting for some last minute information before we book our tickets, car, and hotel. We are looking at another injection vs. Surgery. Ugh! If I have some movement in the vocal fold, Dr. Flint will do another injection into the side of my throat (doesn't that sound like fun?) If there is no movement, then surgery, where I am made groggy with drugs and an incision is made in my neck and a prosthesis is placed to make my vocal chord midline permanently. The Doctor wants me awake so he can test my voice before he stitches up. Ahhhhhh! This is all after being violated by the endoscopy procedure where a small camera tube is moved through my nose and into my throat. I know it sounds thrilling, so, who wants to change places with me? Again, we are leaving the boys home with my Mom and Mother-in-law. They are awesome to step up again, so that Darren can accompany me. This time though, I will be eating! Speaking of eating... Did you know I LOVE FOOD! I had my first family dinner (where I ate with everyone else), course they were through with dinner & dessert, and I was still working at my meager amount. I enjoyed the traditional ST. Patty's Day dinner of corned beef, cabbage, carrots, and potatoes. Yummy!I spoke with my speech pathologist Anne this week and she thinks that if I'm still progressing well that we may move to treatment 1x per week at the end of April. Yeah! She also mentioned the hardest foods to conquer (uncooked carrots, salad, nuts), so I told her no problem, I'd tackle them soon. So today I had two pieces of pistachio torte with large chunks of walnut in the crust. I also finally had Moose's Tooth pizza and salad. I savored each bite. This next week I visit my internist to have her approve the removal of my feeding tube. I am excited and nervous at the same time. I have read and asked how the tube is removed and although I am excited to get that out of my life, I'm nervous for the procedure and the fear I might forget how to swallow. I am trying to keep it all in Gods hands and not worry about it.

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