Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

This post wont be gushy or filled with flowery remarks.  I'm really not that big on Valentine's Day. Maybe it is because my birthday is a few days later or that everything is hyped up and overpriced. I don't know, I would rather my husband surprise me with flowers on another day that isn't earmarked for couples.  In fact, this year we decided to do a dinner out some other day and no gifts.  Well I fudged it a bit... I got him a buy 2 get 2 Snickers (his favorite) at the store this morning and quickly jotted something about his many wonderful qualities  I especially love him for all the SNICKERS he gets out of me.  I do truly love my husband, I just don't need a special day to tell me so.  I will tell you it was quite comical this morning at the grocery store watching all the men frantically looking for the right card, chocolate & flowers.  It was great people watching for sure!

I did however grab something small for the boys (books ;) and some donut holes that I attached a note to that said DONUT you know I love you a HOLE bunch! Thank you Google Search!

I also did some fun valentine's for Zach to take to school for each of his classmates.  Its a glow in the dark bouncy ball that says - It's been a BALL getting to know you this year.  Oh fun!

I hope you have a great day today! May you take the time each day to tell those you love just that.


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