Sunday, August 28, 2011

Time Passes


Tonight, as all my boys slept, I came across an old episode of Grey's Anatomy. I have never seen this show, but I couldn't help but linger on the channel, curious to know what story would be told. It told the story of a group of college seniors that come in after a horrible car crash. They were all set to graduate that day, instead many of their lives took a drastic downward swirl. Only one girl, the class Valedictorian survives. The other story is about Dr. Izzie Stevens, who had a brain tumor removed and is hospitalized. She has a hallucination, her deceased ex-fiancee, who confirms a new brain tumor to her, even though it hasn't be detected in a scan. She is desperate to attend the wedding she planned for fellow doctors Meredith & Derek, but also wants visual confirmation of the tumor for her doctors to believe her. Finally, through the use of an EEG, they are able to pinpoint which section of Izzie's brain is creating the hallucination. By taking that information, they analyze that area on her scan and finally find a metastatic melanoma (stage 4). It is inoperable and Meredith & Derek arrange it so Izzie & Alex (her on again romance) can marry. She spends her honeymoon in a hospital bed, bald, but with her love.

Wow! This hit home! But, I must reflect on many blessings I've been given.I am so thankful that I am alive. I got the chance to go to the state fair with great friends today. I wasn't sure this wouldn't happen. Last year, Zach got to go to the state fair with my sister & brother-in-law, Jaime & Kyle. It was his first state fair and I was saddened that I couldn't go. This year I got to watch him & Kadin experience the fair. I only wish they had wanted to have their faces painted & hair colored. I made a deal with Zach that if he'd foot, so would I. Bummer that he didn't take me up on this. We went with my sister & brother-in-law, Jaime & Kyle and with great friends, Ryan, Aimee & Mady.

Sunday 8/28

August 2009 - Pregnant with Kadin

August 2010 - In Recovery & Kadin's here!

August 2011 - Life, watch out, here we come!

P.s. Kadin's chin is in the attempted self portrait. I think Zach pushed him out of the picture at the last second :O) Awww, brotherly love!

Today, we went to Cuddy Park to feed the ducks, always a favorite of Zacks. We have chronological pictures of this summer activity that go two additional summers back. There is when we were still a family of 3 and I was pregnant with Kadin, then there's the one of me a few months out of the hospital with Kadin still in his infant carrier, and there's today! Unnoticeable change has happened but we still look the same. What a blessing that is. It was so fun to watch the boys cling to their Daddy as the ducks surrounded them. You could hear Zach squeal with excitement and Kadin whisper Duck, his new word, Thank You Uncle Kyle!I just needed this reminder that God blesses your life in a multitude of ways, we just have to be patient to see how their revealed.


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