Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I'm inspired

So, I figure your never too old to have fun. I was taking Kadin's new bike out for a spin. This counts as Physical Therapy, I think?

Brotherly assistance!

I'm really a Big Boy!

My first bike! I'm getting so big!

The last few days have been rough for me. I'm not sure what precipitated it, but I have felt the effects of it. At times I feel broken and it is tough, but God is good and He's ever faithful! Granted, I didn't see that so strongly when I was struggling, but now that it is somewhat removed, I see clearly the hands of God.The other day, I was thinking about what God has done in my life over the past 18 months. He's always been there, I just didn't recognize it.

I remember just after Darren and I were married, we had the 'children' talk. I told him, I wanted one child at 27 and another at 30. We left it at that and went on with life. But, God heard. I had Zach at 27 and Kadin 15 days before I turned 30! If that timing isn't amazing add in that both beautiful boys were born before the brain tumor was discovered a week after my 30th birthday. I am so blessed to have both my boys and I see God's handiwork in it all.

At moments when I feel particularly broken, I cling to these moments of awareness, waiting to see where God is leading me. I was touched so much today about the 12 year old who was swept out into the ocean & finally located unconscious underwater 20 minutes later ( ). I was so profoundly impacted by this story for many reasons, but two in particular. The first is the emotion conveyed in the photos by Damian Mulinix of this situation. My favorite is of Dales fellow Church youth group, dropping to their knees on the sandy beach in desperate prayer. I can only imagine what those prayers were like. What an incredible testimony this is - yelling to our Father for His help in a time of need. He heard and responded in an unquestionable way! By Medical standards this boy should not be alive, breathing, or talking. He is doing all three and I know God is just beginning on his path to recovery. Many of these things were unknowns for me as well, but I can only praise God for how far He has brought me. Dale's Mother & Father have their own road to recovery, but they haven't been quiet about giving God the glory! Amazing! Please keep this family in your prayers.

Follow the blog about his recovery at:

God is magnificent! I am amazed at His hand!

May you also be blessed by this story.

I'm sharing a few pictures from the last few days. I remember in the not so distant past where I was unable to do so much and I was reminded today by my Mom as she was driving in front of me, that at multiple points in the last 18 months driving and so much more look implausible or unlikely. God deserves all the credit for where I am today and all that I am. TO HIM BE THE GLORY!


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