Thursday, July 07, 2011

Picture Update

It started out like this....

Fun Ball

Wearing his hand made "Camping with Kakum" (what Zach 1st called Uncle Kyle) shirt

Long weekend!

Aunt Wendy (my sister) and Zach

When Zach locked everyone out of the cabin ;0)

Morgan (my niece) 4 wheelin' with Darren with Noel (my brother in law) in the background

Brittany (my niece) eating beef jerky surrounded by 2 of the 3 dogs

Hanging out by the fire - Wendy (my sister), Niels (my cousin), Kyle (my brother in law) & Jaime (my sister)

Zach & Dad

Kadin & Dad (1st ride ever)

I don't have much to say, but I wanted to share some pictures from camping in Kasilof for the weekend of the 4th and some from the other night where we got out the fun ball. I will just note that the fun ball was not all fun, there was work involved! It took forever to blow up and I did physical therapy pushing it around the yard with Zach in it. Regardless, enjoy.


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