Saturday, January 01, 2011


It is 1-1-11 - Cool huh? Good things for a good year to come!

As 2010 comes to an end, it would be much easier to focus on the have not instead of the haves. But, what fun is that? I know the areas that still need help! So, I am choosing to enter this new year relishing on the haves, as numerous as they are. So here goes:

A Savior that has begun a good work in me and I believe He isn't finished! Praise Him for all the healing so far!

An incredible man I get to call my husband, friend, father of my treasured children, and partner in crime (to name a few) - who has taught me so much about love, servant hood, and himself. Thank you for loving me and for staying! I love you more than I can express!

Two amazing boys who melt my heart and occasionally drive me bananas. Whose love is evident through hugs, kisses, laughter, and quiet moments. I love you more than myself and I fight to be a better Mommy for you!

To an incredible family who has loved, supported, prayed, laughed, cried, talked, and reflected on arguably the worst thing we ever could of imagined. To you I say, why not me when you ask why her? I take this on for all that it has done and all that it will do. I would bear it again if it saved any of you from going through it. I love ya! Thanks for being my biggest cheerleaders - I wouldn't be here without you!

A huge Thank You to the outstanding Doctors, Nurses, and Therapists who have worked with me. You did your best at keeping my needs and desires at heart. You each hold a special place in my heart and Thanks isn't enough.

I'm walking, albeit a little off kilter - no wheelchair, walker, or cane.

I'm driving and enjoying a little more freedom.

I'm caring for my kids during the day minus the time my gracious Mother-in-law comes to watch them while I have therapy.

I don't need assistance anymore for a ton of activities! I now am mostly independent. I cook a ton, and from what I hear its quite delicious.

My speech has improved dramatically and I rarely have to repeat myself. I sound like I have a cold.

I am swallowing a tiny (teaspoon) amount and am still improving. Plus there are other interventions to consider.

I know there is a ton more to be thankful for and I hope I am touching on all the biggies that have graced my life especially these last ten months!

Thanks for your love, warm wishes & kind words, and especially prayers!

Blessings in 2011

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