Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Year, New Me

Well I got confirmation this week that I entered this new year TUMOR FREE! Yeah! Praise the Lord! I am going to insert a picture that has before (top) with the tumor and after (bottom) without the tumor but a lovely permanent stream looking space now in my brain. My Neurosurgeon showed us where the tumor was and that he had to remove it from space that my spinal chord use to occupy. Now I understand why I didn't recover faster.

I also brought my Neurosurgeon and the Neuro PT/ST at Therapy Brain cupcakes and they were quite a hit. See picture... good news on this front too... I took some of my monthly tests today and I surpassed the expectation we had set for me. I still can't walk a straight line but I am getting better. I also got news that this will be my final month of Physical Therapy. I am done, assuming I join a gym (weekend activity) and do my exercises there, starting February11th. I finish before my year! I AM SO EXCITED!

So the work continues and I hope to soon tell you I am swallowing. I have tentative plans to head back to Oregon for a permanent fix of my vocal chord and esophagus dilation and botox. Hopefully that will also push me in the right direction.

Thank you again for all your support, love, prayers. Keep it coming.


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