Friday, November 26, 2010

Post Turkey Day

Well I hope you survived Thanksgiving and were able to enjoy your time with family, friends and indulge on yummy food. I figure that next year I will be eating and I am going to have a whole turkey to myself plus the fixins. It has been especially hard not being able to fully enjoy my favorite holiday. But to that I say Happy Thanksgiving! This year I am especially aware of what I am thankful for - life, family, friends, but especially God! Although I may not be able to enjoy the traditional bounty (food) of my favorite holiday, knowing that I am here surrounded by so much family and friends whom I love, the bounty I enjoy is plentiful! Thank you to all of you who have written me, thought of me, and especially prayed for me, it continues to make a difference!
Other news... I head out of state in a few weeks to get a second opinion on my speech and swallowing. Hopefully, my new doctor will be able to provide some new insight into my throat and swallowing. Pray for my Mom and Mother-in-law as they again step up to care for my boys while Darren and I travel. Please pray for me too, that I get some answers and that a simple fix is all that is needed. Oh how I long to eat! My Christmas wish for sure!
I am also having to be tested in Physical Therapy this next week to see if I can accomplish some lofty goals. I pray for balance on this day especially.

Well motherhood beckons me so I must go... both boys are crying :0)


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