Monday, March 10, 2014


Another milestone has been reached! Praise God!!! Putting this 15 month possible recovery zone to shame! I over 4 years!!!!!  Yesterday, we found a snowboard for Zach at Toys R Us. We headed out to give it a whirl at the sledding hill at our Elementary school. I planned to bring the inner tube & to ride it to the bottom of the hill & take video of Zach's first tries on the board. After climbing up the easier side with Darren's arm assist, I lined up for my intended first & only ride down the hill. I say only because that hill has been a fear of mine for the past few years. I have always had to have Darren's assist up to the top using the easier side, so I thought that there was no way I'd make it up the sledding hill. I climbed onto the tube & Kadin hoped on top. We blasted down the hill, Kadin screamed in delight! When we finally came to a stop, I secretly fretted about getting back across the field to the bottom of the hill. Before I even got a chance to let my fear & worry set in, Kadin jumped up and said 'come on Momma, let's go again!' How could I say no to that? I breathed deep, looked at the hill and started up. I confirmed my fear & the potential outcome : Falling - and then I thought, just try!!! So I did! Guess what, I MADE IT! Wahoo!!! Victory! My boys congratulated me at the top of the hill. Over the rest of the time there I slid & climbed up the hill with both my boys. Victory for sure!!! Praise God! I stumbled once when I lost my focus, but I recovered without falling backward down the hill. My sweet boy Zach was instantly by my side seeing if he could help - what a treasure he is! I told him ' no, thank you, Momma had to do this on her own.' I'm not sure he understood that, but he graciously stepped aside. It was a big afternoon!!! Zach did awesome at his first tries snowboarding. He got up all the way.... Wahoo!

So beyond blessed to be here for this & to finally feel part of it. I don't think I've totally conquered that hill in the winter because snow can be so diverse depending on the weather, but I will try again!


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