Wednesday, May 22, 2013


So I haven't posted in a while.  A week after I broke my hand, I had surgery to repair it.  I had a nerve block which allowed me to be awake during the surgery and recovery has been fine.  I had a cast on it until 4 weeks after surgery in which a new set of x-rays were taken and it was discovered despite the two screws placed into my finger, it had still slipped.  My Doctor decided to remove the cast and send me to Physical Therapy and to get a specially molded split to be worn during the day and then one again at night time.  Oh joy!  Well I have been at PT for the past three weeks and my joint doesn't want to move. I will keep exercising it and I go back into see my Doctor on the 29th to get another x-ray and to decide from there.  I'm hoping for freedom with my deformed finger/hand.  Last week though despite the broken hand, we went to Phoenix.  My husband had a business conference and invited us to tag along. UMMMM Yes!!!!

We enjoyed a week of fun in the sun. Meanwhile, back in Alaska it was snowing.  We went to the Phoenix Zoo, Sealife Arizona, train park, pool and to see Uncle Doug.  My Mother in law was gracious enough to come down a few days earlier than a scheduled trip and helped me at the zoo with the boys while Darren was in class.  Here are some pictures. Enjoy!


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